CMS ADM Backup

ADM = performed every 30 days login as root and type “cmsadm”

Insert new tape into the CMS Backup tape drive
Log in using cms login
Terminal type is 615 [enter]
$ su root [enter] [enter in root password, enter]
# cmsadm [enter]
Select “3” for Backup [enter]
Press “Enter” when ready
Follow CMS routine, selecting enter to defaults, when complete, label the tape with the date as well as the information displayed by CMS as instructed & store in fire proof safe.
Return the appropriate incremental tape back into the tape drive.

To check the back up has been done

find /cms/ -name backup.success -ls

To make the system think it has been done you can use the command just to stop the users getting the error message. The backup will still need to be performed.
touch /cms -name/install/logdir/backup.success -ls


cd / /cms/install/logdir

touch backup.success

Author: Darren Adams

The Avaya Engineer

3 thoughts on “CMS ADM Backup”

  1. Hello,
    Also another interesting point of view it’s to create a script in crontab using the “expect” application to automatically backup the DB.
    It’s a test atm because i didn’t stop the CMS server before doing the backup.

    ————————- script ————————-

    #!/usr/local/bin/expect -f

    set force_conservative 0 ;# set to 1 to force conservative mode even if
    ;# script wasn’t run conservatively originally
    if {$force_conservative} {
    set send_slow {1 .1}
    proc send {ignore arg} {
    sleep .1
    exp_send -s — $arg

    set timeout -1
    spawn /usr/bin/cmsadm
    match_max 100000
    expect -exact “Enter choice (1-10) or q to quit: ”
    send “3\r”
    expect -exact “Enter choice (1-2): ”
    send “2\r”
    expect -exact “Enter backup path (must not be located on CMS disk) \[q\]:\r”
    send “/testnas\r”
    expect eof

    ————————- end script ————————-
    ————————- Crontab ————————-
    #Backup every first day of each month
    0 0 1 * * * /export/home/
    ————————- Crontab ————————-

    Hope it’s help for someone.
    Best Regards


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