Modular Messaging Stop & Start Services

If you come across problems with Modular Messaging and the service appears down, it may be worth stopping and starting the MM services in the first instances to insure they are all running correctly. To stop them go to¬† C:\Avaya_Support\Tools\ServiceControl (run StopMMServices.exe) when this is finished go to C:\Avaya_Support\Scripts (run serverrecovery.vbs). The MM will take… Continue reading Modular Messaging Stop & Start Services

Wrong Terminal Type

The following commands can help if you find yourself on a system at the wrong terminal type. Take the first example here which is for a Definity system. If it takes you straight in because the customer did not log out correctly, you can press Esc and Ow (case sensitive, please note this is O… Continue reading Wrong Terminal Type

CMS Reset User Passwords

From the CMS Main Menu, highlight the Commands (F3). CMS displays the Commands menu. 2. Select UNIX (r) system. The screen clears and a $ prompt is displayed. 3. Enter the following command: su 4. At the Password: prompt, enter the root password. The # prompt is displayed. 5. Enter the following command: passwd <userid>… Continue reading CMS Reset User Passwords

Basic Handset Faults

The following procedures give you a guide to resolving basic handset faults. Check the physical handset. Unplug and re-plug all the connections, check cable between handset and receiver. check cable to headset (if applicable) check cable to wall socket. If problem persists, swap the handset with a working set of the same model, if the… Continue reading Basic Handset Faults

Hunt Group Methods & Descriptions

Types and description of the various Avaya hunt group methods. Direct Department Calling (DDC) – the first agent administered in the hunt group. If the first agent is busy, it goes to the second agent, and so forth. This “hot seat” method puts a heavy call load on the first few agents. No extra software… Continue reading Hunt Group Methods & Descriptions

Determining Server Type

You need access to the command line to type this command. dadmin@S8500_COE> cat /etc/ecs.conf |grep -i servertype ServerType ibmx305 ibmx305 = S8500A ibmx306 = S8500B ibmx306m = S8500C xen = Virtual Platform icc = S8300 ibmx305 = S8500A ibmx306 = S8500B ibmx306m = S8500C isp2100 = S8700 dl380g3 = S8710 dl385g1 = S8720 hs20 =… Continue reading Determining Server Type

Using the hotline feature on IP phones

The hotline feature which enables a handset to dial a designated number as soon as the handset is picked up was, previously only available on analogue extensions. From CM 5.2.1 it is now also available on IP handsets when special feature SA8887 is enabled. First enable the special feature SA8887 page 6. Configure the abbreviated… Continue reading Using the hotline feature on IP phones