CMS Reset User Passwords

· Avaya

From the CMS Main Menu, highlight the Commands (F3).
CMS displays the Commands menu.

2. Select UNIX (r) system.
The screen clears and a $ prompt is displayed.

3. Enter the following command:

4. At the Password: prompt, enter the root password.
The # prompt is displayed.

5. Enter the following command:
passwd <userid>
(Where <userid> is the ID of the user who needs a new password)
Solaris displays a prompt for the new password.

6. Enter a new password for the user.
Solaris displays the # prompt.

7. Enter the following command:
passwd -f <userid>
(Where <userid> is the ID of the user with a new password.)
Solaris displays the # prompt.

The passwd –f command will force the user to change their password the next time they log in to CMS.


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  1. Eddie

    Can you update with the latest commands on R17? Thanks.


    • Grizzlys

      Not aware they have changed ?


  2. Vaughn

    I get prompted to enter the new password. This I assume if the new initial password. BUT the user never gets prompted to change it.


    • walks

      run this after the passwd command
      chage -d 0
      this will force password change at next login


  3. Laura

    I’m looking for the time frame a temporary password is valid after resetting on an Avaya CMS ACM location for new user.


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