Modular Messaging Stop & Start Services

If you come across problems with Modular Messaging and the service appears down, it may be worth stopping and starting the MM services in the first instances to insure they are all running correctly. To stop them go to  C:\Avaya_Support\Tools\ServiceControl (run StopMMServices.exe) when this is finished go to C:\Avaya_Support\Scripts (run serverrecovery.vbs). The MM will take a while to start up properly, to check you can go into the application event logs and wait until 1241 event appears this would confirm the MM services should be up and working.

In the event you wish to stop & start the services manually they should be done in the following order;


1) Call Me Server
2) Message Waiting Indicator Server
3) Event Monitor Server
4) Process Monitor Server
5) Performance Monitor Server
6) Tracing Server
7) Alarming Server
8) Mailbox Monitor Server
9) Messaging Application Server


1) Messaging Application Server
2) Mailbox Monitor Server
3) Alarming Server
4) Tracing Server
5) Performance Monitor Server
6) Process Monitor Server
7) Event Monitor Server
8) Call Me Server
9) Message Waiting Indicator Server

Author: Darren Adams

The Avaya Engineer

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