Hairpinning & Shuffling Summary

Hairpinning Unlike the IP-TDM-IP connectivity option, hairpinning requires that all media processing resources for a given call reside on a single TN2302AP or TN2602AP media processing circuit pack or a single G350 or G700 Media Gateway Voip Media Module. A hairpinned call is originally set up as an IP-TDM-IP call, but once the set-up process… Continue reading Hairpinning & Shuffling Summary

List Trace Station With Button Activation

You can activate the buttons on the handset using the list trace command, this is ideal for testing when you are dialled in remotely. You simply use the list trace station command but then forward slash and the button number + 6. For example if you wanted to activate button 1 on extension 2244 the… Continue reading List Trace Station With Button Activation