System Manager Resetting The Password

Log in via putty to system manager using admin/admin (default) [admin@SMGR-01 account]# su – root enter the root password (default root/root01) [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groupadd -g 600 securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# usermod -aG securityadmin admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# In your web browser enter the… Continue reading System Manager Resetting The Password

Call Forwarding

To forward all calls on station 1234 with Console Permissions, to station 5678: dial the FAC for CF All: wait for dialtone dial the station number that you wish to forward – 1234 wait for dialtone dial the number that you want calls to forward to – 5678 wait for confirmation tone (stutter dialtone) make… Continue reading Call Forwarding

CMS Supervisor Error 429

Resolving CMS Supervisor Error 429 issue. Error 429 typically occurs when code tries to instantiate an object. This error can be caused in many ways. The following list includes some of the most common scenarios that could cause this error: License information for a particular component is not present. A component is missing or is… Continue reading CMS Supervisor Error 429

Softconsole Configuration Manager Password Reset

If you have forgotten the password on the Avaya Softconsole Configuration Manager; Click on the Start Button, then Run. In the Run dialog box type “regedit” and hit Enter. Open Registry Editor and browse to HKLM\Software\Avaya\eConsole\Operations\admin and clear the value of Password key. Configuration Manager will open with a blank password. Enter a new password… Continue reading Softconsole Configuration Manager Password Reset

IPSI access via SSH

From the CM bash prompt: Disable any session to IPSI: ipsisession -d -c 01A Enable session to IPSI: ipsisession -c 01A Copy password that was created Access to your IPSI: ssh init@ipsi-a01a. respone to the “yes/no” question by typing “yes”. enter the password that was given to you You may have to hit enter to… Continue reading IPSI access via SSH

Setting up an MST debug button

This example is to set up and MST button on a couple of stations for a PRI trunk. Status MST Clear MST Change MST default Stop Trigger – Y ISDN PRI – Y Debug Button – Y Analyser – Y page 2 Port Type – d channel Port – 1v416 (obviously you put your trunk… Continue reading Setting up an MST debug button