Session Manager Troubleshooting

*** Remember on SMĀ  & SMGR prior to 6.3 it could be the certificates expired *** System Manager (SMGR) it would not replicate with Session Manager (SM) and was showing an error dispite tring to repair. You can review the DRS logs at cd /var/log/Avaya/mgmt/drs Try initDRS this usually resolves the issue most of the… Continue reading Session Manager Troubleshooting

TCP / UDP Ports

Description TCP Min TCP max UDP min UDP Max IP Phone RAS registration 1719 1719 IP Phone Call Control 1720 1720 IP Phone RTP 2048 65535 Media gateway Control Protocol H.248(Unencrypted) 2945 2945 Media gateway Control Protocol H.248(Encrypted) 1039 1039 Phone TFTP 69 69 Phone HTTP 80 80 Phone HTTPS 443 443 ESS/LSP registration 1719… Continue reading TCP / UDP Ports