Disable / Enable Night Service

· Avaya

For some reason it’s a basic command but appears to be little known or forgotten about, causing frequent un-neccessary trips to customers sites as the attendant cannot take the console out of night service for one reason or another. 

From the SAT terminal;

disable night-service

enable night-service


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  1. Steven

    can this be done automatically? If so how can it be done? This would make switching over to night coverage a lot easier, for my purposes. I don’t manage G3r systems, but the IP Office. If its possible on the CM, then I would think it can be theoretically done on the IP Office with some figuring out (assuming you aren’t familiar.)



    • Grizzlys

      Yes sorry not familiar with IP Office, and not that I can think of easily, suppose you could schedule it from ASA in some way.


      • Steven

        they are similar but different systems. I have been trying to do night service to ring to a single terminal for off hours. Maybe, changing the time of day routing-like feature might do the trick

        Thanks for trying to providing me an answer!

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