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Beeping Logged Off 1616 Handsets

Not sure if this affects other handset models but if you come across 1616 handsets which beep while logged off from their extension, then add their IP address range to theĀ  ip-network-map.   Advertisements

Reset Weblm Password

Reset weblm password on AES, Create staging area and extract original .war file: mkdir /tmp/WebLMwar cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM.war /tmp/WebLMwar/ cd /tmp/WebLMwar/ jar xvf WebLM.war Verify and backup old User.xml cat /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml /tmp/WebLMwar/Users.xml.bkup cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml.bkup verify new file: cat admin/Users.xml Overwrite, verify, and change permission old/new file: cp admin/Users.xml /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml cat /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml chmod 666 […]