System Platform Password Attempts Reset

· Avaya, Password, System Platform

System Platform may not need it’s password reset or you have reset it but still access then try this;

  • Run the following command pam_tally –user admin –reset
  • Run the command “ssh cdom.vsp”
  • Run the command : pam_tally –user admin –reset
  • Type “exit” which returns to Dom0
  • Run the following commands :
    service ldap restart
    service libvirtd restart
  • Close all the windows and login back with the admin/passwd (your previous admin passwd)
    The above steps are non service impact .


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  1. Gabe Vargo

    none of the logins are working for DOM or the CDOM how do you reset then?


  2. Matt

    So are you logging into DOM0 as “root” and THEN issuing the command; “pam_tally –user admin –reset”? Please advise


    • Grizzlys

      login with your admin account and su – root


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