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Coverage Path With Holiday Tables

To use holiday tables in coverage paths; Apply Holiday Coverage to y on the inside / outside call as required. In the first coverage point enter y and either the extension number, announcement number or vdn number of where you want it to go to. You then move your 1st coverage point to point 2 […]

ASA 5.2 Windows 7 Crashing

Had a customer wanting to run reports on an older voice-mail system so had to install ASA 5.2 (Avaya Site Administrator) but found it repeatedly crashed in Win 7, fortunately came across this useful snippet of information on a support forum. Delete the uxtheme.dll from C:\Program Files\Avaya\Site Administration\bin and it then runs properly.

Cabling G650 Media Gateways

To cable two G650 media gateways together; 1. If not already removed, remove the fan assemblies from media gateways A and B. 2. Remove the right TDM/LAN bus terminator from media gateway A, and install he bus terminator at the left end of the TDM/LAN bus on media gateway B. Make sure to install the […]