Coverage Path With Holiday Tables

To use holiday tables in coverage paths; Apply Holiday Coverage to y on the inside / outside call as required. In the first coverage point enter y and either the extension number, announcement number or vdn number of where you want it to go to. You then move your 1st coverage point to point 2… Continue reading Coverage Path With Holiday Tables

ASA 5.2 Windows 7 Crashing

Had a customer wanting to run reports on an older voice-mail system so had to install ASA 5.2 (Avaya Site Administrator) but found it repeatedly crashed in Win 7, fortunately came across this useful snippet of information on a support forum. Delete the uxtheme.dll from C:\Program Files\Avaya\Site Administration\bin and it then runs properly.

Cabling G650 Media Gateways

To cable two G650 media gateways together; 1. If not already removed, remove the fan assemblies from media gateways A and B. 2. Remove the right TDM/LAN bus terminator from media gateway A, and install he bus terminator at the left end of the TDM/LAN bus on media gateway B. Make sure to install the… Continue reading Cabling G650 Media Gateways