S8300 Problems Loading System Platform

Avaya S8300 problems loading system platform

Haven’t done this for a while and with a colleague we were having difficulties loading S8300 with system platform and expanding on a much earlier post S8300D CM6.x upgrade Windows 7 failure which has the avaya mentor video here are the steps along with what had to be done in this case to get it working finally.

While running ping -t and you are getting request timed out or no reply along with seeing general failure where it wont boot off DVD.

Open command prompt and run the commands in quotes.


“interface ipv4”

“show interface”

(need to determine the Idx number of th interface you are using generally be lableled Ethernet)

“show interface xx”

(xx being the Idx number identified above)

Look for dad transmits probably set to  = 3

“set interface xx dadtransmits=0”

“show interface xx”

dad transmits now should = 0 now reboot the gateway and try again.

If this still fails try the following:

Leave the Media Gateway powered on, pull out the S8300D server and reseat it, when you get ping responses to quickly telnet to and install the System Platform.


Author: Darren Adams

The Avaya Engineer

2 thoughts on “S8300 Problems Loading System Platform”

  1. FYI, we had this error also. we found out it is a windows issue, because the server shutdown and starts its network-interface multiple time. too often for windows so windows dont want to connect anymore. Easy solution: put a simple and dump switch between both devices

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