IQ Cannot Login

Cannot Login stop and start IQ services, you can follow below:
1.       Service wdinit stop
2.       Service wdinit start
3.     ( To check the progress of services. Make sure all the services are in STARTED state.) sh /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin/ -v -w all status
** Takes about 15mins downtime **
Also check Catalina.out file if it gets too large then you need to remove it (Avaya IQ 5.2.6 patch 10 resolves it)
cd /opt/Avaya/CCR/RTD/tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.52/logs (-7.0.52 bit depends on your version of tomcat)
 ls –ltr
List Services UID
cd /opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin
./lc ls
Find RTDTomcat UID for next step
./lc stop UID
./lc status UID
Go to catalina.out directory
cd /opt/Avaya/CCR/RTD/tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.52/logs
cp catalina.out /backup
rm catalina.out
/opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin/lc stop UID
/opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin/lc start UID
or navigate to the directory /opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin
and type the following
./lc start UID
.lc status UID

Author: Darren Adams

The Avaya Engineer

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