SCP (secure copy)

Secure Copy to copy files between servers especially when winscp is not available scp /home/cust/file.tgz cust@ In summary; scp (directory current server/file name) login@ip address: (directory you are copying too) scp followed by the directory path of the file you wish to copy then file name space login @ ip address of server : directory… Continue reading SCP (secure copy)

ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum

This should perform a vacuum of the database which can take up to 30 mins Perform at root #cd /sbin # ./service cscm stop # ./service cscm start _________________________ To manually vacuum database . . . su – postgres (takes you to -bash-2.05$ prompt vacuumdb -f -a It could take a while depends on size… Continue reading ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum