CMS Time Notes

CMS affectively has two times start time which is the acd default time and start time +utc which is the timezone handled by TZ. (TZ updater is used to update timezone information)

The time zone is handled by the variable TZ. For global configuration edit the “/etc/default/init” file and alter the TZ line for example:

TZ=GMT if you want to set it to GMT.

To change date from CLI

date -s “30 october 2016 08:41”

to view from CLI



  1. Hi

    i really need help on this and hopefully you can help. We our main CMS server in the U.K. and local CMS servers around the world. When we have a summer time change the CMS servers in other countries don’t follow the dtc on the avaya is there a way of setting this up to use CM? We have CMS r17 and cm6.3


    • We had the same issue with different timezones and DST but now with CMS R18 this issue can be solved. You will need the new CMS “tenant” feature activated(not to be confused with CM tenant).
      Set the CMS and CM system time to use a timezone that does not include DST (for example posix/Etc/GMT-1)
      You can then in CMS configure tenants and define their timezone and. On the CM use the daylight rules
      We have one global CM and CMS covering from APAC.EMEA and US after doing these changes every country can pull CMS reports in their local time


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