About Me

Apologies these pages were initially just created so I could just keep track of things I have discovered while supporting primarily Avaya Aura Communication Manager as it is now called and more recently some Avaya IPO stuff.  I am in a busy support role with a business partner, so unfortunately as much as I would like to help, it is unlikely I am able to respond to your support inquiries urgently.

I have been working in telecommunications in one form or another since I was 20 years old. Initially serving in the armed forces supporting long range HF and satellite communications before deciding to step back into civilian life.

I started out contracting doing cabling work. A year later and I took my first support role for a busy city stock brokers which gave me a good grounding on both IT systems and voice circuits. My big break came as I moved into a role with Octel, which became Lucent and then Avaya where I spent some 10 years eventually leaving a management role to go back into support. I have been working for a number of business partners over the years since.