Avaya Call Recorder Patching 15.1

If you didnt know already patching has changed on Avaya Call Recorder. Avaya Solution SOLN311871. Patch Utility Tool You need to install the ACR patching tool on each server prior to patching. (in future releases it reports it will be installed automatically) If using Linux ensure you are logged in as witness user Locate the… Continue reading Avaya Call Recorder Patching 15.1

ACR Windows Time Update

You need to download the latest tzupdater files to the server prior to carrying out the work; tzdata2016g.tar.gz.sha512 / tzdata2016g.tar.gz / tzupdater-2_1_0.zip Stop the cscm service first (Avaya Contact Recorder) from the Services Extract the TZUpdater and copy the tzupdater.jar file into the Java directory in my case which in my case was located at… Continue reading ACR Windows Time Update

ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum

This should perform a vacuum of the database which can take up to 30 mins Perform at root #cd /sbin # ./service cscm stop # ./service cscm start _________________________ To manually vacuum database . . . su – postgres (takes you to -bash-2.05$ prompt vacuumdb -f -a It could take a while depends on size… Continue reading ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum