CM7 – AES Link will not re-stablish

After an unexpected interchange on CM the AES link was dropped, it registered with the AES and would not recover bace to the CORE server.  Despite stopping and starting the AES services and a AES linux restart the link remains down.

On CM “disp aes cti” shows CTI link down

On AES CLI running the command “netstat -an | grep 8765 – cm

You can only see it established to the ESS or nothing.

To resolve on CM change IP-Service and disable the link to the CTI ports on page 1st and 4th page of the form and save.

Now on the AES click all the services and then click on Restart Service


Go back to CM change IP-Services and re-enable the link (Y) to the CTI ports on the 1st and 4th pages.

Run the command disp cti aes and check the link has now established.

On AES running the command “netstat -an | grep 8765 – cm” you should see a connectin to both the CORE and ESS servers.

If the above does not resolve repeat the steps but do the Restart AE Server instead of a restart of the services.

** The issue was due to snapshots being run on a live enviroment, Avaya advise not to run snapshots on any CM server either active or standby  unless the CM services are stopped **



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