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If you are having MWI issues on Avaya Aura Messaging here is the procedure to resync Cache from the MAS. It will affect voicemail funcitionality so best to do out of hours unless you have permission from customer. Login to server > Administration > Messaging > Advanced (Application) > System Operations Reload Caches > Application […]

IP DECT – CM Trunk Down

Despite having worked previously one day IP DECT h.323 trunk shows down on DECT although up on CM. We tried changing sockets, making a new DECT master etc but all failed. You can intially try to busy-out/release trunk and signaling group then reset the DECT Master. If this fails build a new signalling and trunk […]

One X Attd reset weblm

  You need to create a Users.xml file with the following content in it;   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”no”?> <!DOCTYPE Users SYSTEM “user.dtd”> <Users> <User id=”admin”> <Username>admin</Username> <Password>YesrpNkZYYFfnmPmi9/RIMQ4Xuc=</Password> <ResetPassword>true</ResetPassword> </User> <Signature>uKT6aVCnrh17JJxz0M5SENHHJFaNd3QjVs+b9AaohEOnlzxdbngZ5j5X2Ycb4A30qgqfs376rXgw/jJ2lnuOzUzNfZVryXPfnX4hcTD5JnPgrBlLUWrdigq3dD+67hbjriSoIk9UiBaPXLkfmJPRahdAXIWcjjD3kCdD8ny56iQ=</Signature> </Users> Stop the Avaya One X Attendant weblm service. Navigate to the following directory. (tomcat version maybe different) C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Servers\WebLM\Tomcat8\webapps\WebLM\admin Create a new […]

CMS Time Notes

CMS affectively has two times start time which is the acd default time and start time +utc which is the timezone handled by TZ. (TZ updater is used to update timezone information) The time zone is handled by the variable TZ. For global configuration edit the “/etc/default/init” file and alter the TZ line for example: […]

UID Numbers

display internal-data ext-map xxxx display internal-data uid xxxx (xxxx = extension / agent number)  

ACR Windows Time Update

You need to download the latest tzupdater files to the server prior to carrying out the work; tzdata2016g.tar.gz.sha512 / tzdata2016g.tar.gz / Stop the cscm service first (Avaya Contact Recorder) from the Services Extract the TZUpdater and copy the tzupdater.jar file into the Java directory in my case which in my case was located at […]

SCP (secure copy)

Secure Copy to copy files between servers especially when winscp is not available scp /home/cust/file.tgz cust@ In summary; scp (directory current server/file name) login@ip address: (directory you are copying too) scp followed by the directory path of the file you wish to copy then file name space login @ ip address of server : directory […]

ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum

This should perform a vacuum of the database which can take up to 30 mins Perform at root #cd /sbin # ./service cscm stop # ./service cscm start _________________________ To manually vacuum database . . . su – postgres (takes you to -bash-2.05$ prompt vacuumdb -f -a It could take a while depends on size […]

IQ Cannot Login

Cannot Login stop and start IQ services, you can follow below: 1.       Service wdinit stop 2.       Service wdinit start 3.     ( To check the progress of services. Make sure all the services are in STARTED state.) sh /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin/ -v -w all status ** Takes about 15mins downtime ** Also check Catalina.out file if it gets […]


Following changes in the trace mask file to collect additional DEBUG level logs from AES.This setting will help us in displaying the AES raw messages at a level deeper. 1) To turn on the traces follow the procedure give below : Logon on the AES box as sroot. Go to the path /opt/mvap/conf and vi […]

Alternative Putty Tunnel

Following on from my post The Putty Tunnel If you need to create an ssh tunnel on a browser that doesn’t have foxy proxy installed then here is an alternative way to do it. I favour Firefox but it should work similarly on less favourable browsers 🙂 Putty / Tutty Create an ssh session to […]

Audix Web Page Java Fail

I know most of these have gone now but there are still a few out there happily churning away. If when you web browse to the Audix 10.x.x.x and go to messaging administration but the java bit fails then leave it open in that state. Open up putty in SUNT to the local CM system and […]

Missed calls to Voicemail not in call log

Missed calls to voicemail not showing in call log on 9600 series handsets change the following on in the 46xxsettings.txt. You must then reboot the handset for it to take the new settings. ## LOGUNSEEN specifies whether incoming calls that did not cause alerting will be logged ## as missed calls (e.g., calls that are […]

How to Reboot IQ

Reboot IQ server 1. Log on as root or a root-level user on the All Functions host. This host also serves as the Database host. 2. Enter: service wdinit stop This stops the application software. 3. Enter: service dbora stop This stops the database software. 4. Enter: reboot This reboots the host. 5. Log on […]

Intuity Audix LX MT VOLT

Added because it is was a nightmare to find any documentation regarding the alarm or the solution on the Avaya support site. DETAILS Intuity LX version 2.0 PROBLEM CLARIFICATION MT VOLT 7 2 MAJ alarm on the sever but voice mail in service and taking calls. Power Supply was replaced but the alarm is still […]

The Putty Tunnel

  Using putty and firefox to tunnel across to web pages. Download foxy proxy and add it to your browser (also available for chrome) In putty on your cm connection go to SSH / Tunnels and enter a source port i.e 9080 and then click on Dynamic and save it your CM session. Now open […]

IPSI Board

Been a while since I logged in to and IPSI board so just to remind myself. From the shell command of you server cm-server> ipsisession -c 3a (the ipsi board you want to connect to) ssh service enabled. Use this password for the ssh session: abc123abc (you will be allocated a password) cm-server> ssh -l […]

Utility Handset Server Logs

Generally you can view the fileserver Utility server webpage, and can download the log as a text file and use via Notepad etc. However you can also SSH to the Utility server via the ‘admin’ login, and run the following commands; tail –f /var/log/httpd/access_log (Shows last few lines of the handsets access the log and entries in realtime.) cat /var/log/httpd/access_log | […]

SMGR – Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

Well we know that I.E and SMGR dont like each other but stranglely when I used Firefox I kept getting this error. Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key Simple to fix type about:config in you search bar Now look for the following entries and change them from true to false security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_256_sha Now […]

Avaya One X Attendant Password Reset

One X Attd config password reset; 1.       Login to winsql (select data source- one x attendant, user id- dba, password- sql, database type- Genetic odbc) 2.       One x attendant > tables > dba.tbl_users > browse data 3.       Select one x attendant according to username 4.       Double click on password 5.       Put default password (000000), under […]

traceSM Snippets

traceSM is a real-time capture tool located on Session Manager, you should be able to access by simply typing traceSM from the command line otherwise it is located in /opt/Avaya/contrib/bin. Starting traceSM … From the Session Manager command line type; traceSM traceSM -m (for multiple instances) Keys for traceSM … s – start / stop […]

CM Unlock Account

You would need to be at a higher level than the user you are unlocking but this is the command to unlock a CM login. userlock -u username unlock