IPSI Board

Been a while since I logged in to and IPSI board so just to remind myself.

From the shell command of you server

cm-server> ipsisession -c 3a (the ipsi board you want to connect to)
ssh service enabled.
Use this password for the ssh session: abc123abc (you will be allocated a password)

cm-server> ssh -l init (ip address of the ipsi board)

init@’s password: enter the password from above

You will get the following options press 1 for IP Administration

IPSI SSH Options:
Enter ‘1’ for IP Administration
Enter ‘2’ for VxWorks Shell

TN2312 IPSI IP Admin Utility
Copyright Avaya Inc, 2003, All Rights Reserved


Now login to the ipsi to review or change the settings as required;

[IPSI]: ipsilogin

Login: craft
Password: s******s

[IPSIADMIN] help ?
[IPSIADMIN] show ?

Displays list of available commands. If a command name
accompanies ‘help’, help for that command is printed.

[IPSIADMIN] show control interface
[IPSIADMIN] show control gateway
[IPSIADMIN] set control interface {IP_address} {mask}
[IPSIADMIN] set control gateway {gateway_address}
[IPSIADMIN] set control negotiation disable
[IPSIADMIN] set control speed 100MB
[IPSIADMIN] set control duplex full


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