CMS ADM Backup

ADM = performed every 30 days login as root and type “cmsadm” Insert new tape into the CMS Backup tape drive Log in using cms login Terminal type is 615 [enter] $ su root [enter] [enter in root password, enter] # cmsadm [enter] Select “3” for Backup [enter] Press “Enter” when ready Follow CMS routine,… Continue reading CMS ADM Backup

How To Transfer Calls

While on call click transfer button, dial the transfer destination number If the destination answers the call press transfer again to complete the call. If the called party does not answer or does not want to accept the call press drop. (this releases the second line appearance) Now press the original, first line appearance to… Continue reading How To Transfer Calls

System Platform LDAP Errors

If you are seeing LDAP errors in the logs restarting LDAP may resolve the issue, there is a known memory leak. You need to login to DOM 0 and the su – root / enter root password service libvirtd restart This will free up the memory used by the leaky libvirtd process, you will then… Continue reading System Platform LDAP Errors

Avaya Terminology

Abandoned Call – A call in which a caller hangs up before receiving an answer from an agent.  The call could be queued to a split or in a vector/VDN before it is abandoned. Abandoned Call Search – An ACD capability that enables the system to make sure that the caller is on the line… Continue reading Avaya Terminology

Useful VI Commands

To Start vi filename     edit filename starting at line 1 vi -r filename     recover filename that was being edited when system crashed To Exit :x<Return>     quit vi, writing out modified file to file named in original invocation :wq<Return>     quit vi, writing out modified file to file named in original invocation :q<Return>… Continue reading Useful VI Commands