ACR CSCM Restart & Postgres Vacuum

This should perform a vacuum of the database which can take up to 30 mins

Perform at root

#cd /sbin

# ./service cscm stop

# ./service cscm start


To manually vacuum database . . .

su – postgres

(takes you to -bash-2.05$ prompt

vacuumdb -f -a

It could take a while depends on size of database, I do not know a way of monitoring this.

When it finishes carry out the stop / start above **


ACR Debug Logs

To turn the ACR debug logs on and off in ACR


http://10.x.x.x:8080/log?level=DEBUG (turns debug on)

http://10.x.x.x:8080/log?level=INFO (turns debug off)


Logs are located in:

D:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\logs



These commands can be run by sroot:

/sbin/service ntpd status
/sbin/service ntpd start
/sbin/service ntpd stop

These commands can be run by dadmin

/usr/sbin/ntpdate -d -q
/usr/sbin/ntpq -p

-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root  431048 Apr 20  2006 ntpd
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   45908 Apr 20  2006 ntpdate
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   86940 Apr 20  2006 ntpdc
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   76732 Apr 20  2006 ntpq
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root   16276 Apr 20  2006 ntptime
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root    1837 Apr 20  2006 ntptrace

-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root      6032 Apr 20  2006 ntpstat

Man pages in linux to explain options and usage:
man ntpd
man ntpdate
man ntpdc
man ntpq
man ntptime

man ntptrace

IQ Cannot Login

Cannot Login stop and start IQ services, you can follow below:
1.       Service wdinit stop
2.       Service wdinit start
3.     ( To check the progress of services. Make sure all the services are in STARTED state.) sh /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin/ -v -w all status
** Takes about 15mins downtime **
Also check Catalina.out file if it gets too large then you need to remove it (Avaya IQ 5.2.6 patch 10 resolves it)
cd /opt/Avaya/CCR/RTD/tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.52/logs (-7.0.52 bit depends on your version of tomcat)
 ls –ltr
List Services UID
cd /opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin
./lc ls
Find RTDTomcat UID for next step
./lc stop UID
./lc status UID
Go to catalina.out directory
cd /opt/Avaya/CCR/RTD/tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.52/logs
cp catalina.out /backup
rm catalina.out
/opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin/lc stop UID
/opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin/lc start UID
or navigate to the directory /opt/coreservices/lifecycle/bin
and type the following
./lc start UID
.lc status UID


Following changes in the trace mask file to collect additional DEBUG level logs from AES.This setting will help us in displaying the AES raw messages at a level deeper.

1) To turn on the traces follow the procedure give below :

  1. Logon on the AES box as sroot.

  2. Go to the path /opt/mvap/conf

  3. and vi to this file:  vi tracemask

Add the following lines to the tracemask file.


2) We need to save the log file mentioned using the save_trace script. Please following procedure for the same.

  • Login to AES as root

  • Go to the path “ cd /opt/mvap/bin

run the command “nohup save_trace <trace file name> &” as sroot/root user.

You need to run this command for all the three trace files i.e. trace.out.old(/opt/mvap/logs/common), csta_trace.out.old(in /opt/mvap/logs/TSAPI folder) and g3trace.out.old(in /opt/mvap/logs/TSAPI folder)


[root@kona TSAPI]# nohup save_trace g3trace-kahunaPBX-3.trace.out.old &

Like this you have to run it for all the three files, this will create zip files for all the trace files with extension .out.old

  • Note the number you will get after running this command as it’s the pid of the command running.

  • Double check if the command has been running successfully by typing ps –ef|grep save_trace

  • This will start zipping all the files having extension as “.out.old” and there will be multiple files created for different instances.

  • Keep monitoring the system.

  • Once the issue has occurred please kill the command by typing kill -9 <pid> this is important to stop the background process.

VV IMP Note:- please keep checking the disk space by typing “df –h” and if you find that the disk space is less, start moving old, zipped trace files from common and trans_serv folder to somewhere out side the AE services as there will be multiple zip files formed and will not be deleted.

3) Turn off the tracing once the issue occurs

  1. Logon on the AES box as sroot.

  2. Go to the path /opt/mvap/conf

  3. and vi to this file:  vi tracemask

  4. Append # against all the entries in the file

Entries will look as shown below

# TSAPI=0x00000c3f

Once all the traces are turned off Pleas collect the logs from the following directory

  • files present in the /opt/mvap/logs/TSAPI/

  • trace.out files from the /opt/mvap/logs/common

We will require the above mentioned files in sync with the MST and sniffer for the time when the issue is reported


Alternative Putty Tunnel

Following on from my post The Putty Tunnel If you need to create an ssh tunnel on a browser that doesn’t have foxy proxy installed then here is an alternative way to do it. I favour Firefox but it should work similarly on less favourable browsers 🙂

Putty / Tutty

  • Create an ssh session to CM
  • select SSH / Tunnel
  • In source port put a number i.e. 9080 click dynamci and add.
  • Click Session and save to you CM connection
  • Open and login to CM once at the command line leave it open.

Firefox Browser

  • goto options / advance / network tab /settings
  • change from no proxy to manual proxy
  • add and your port you created earlier i.e 9080 then click ok

** Remember ot go back in the options / advanced / network / settings and click no proxy and ok to disable it again for normal browsing when finished. **

S8300 Problems Loading System Platform

Avaya S8300 problems loading system platform

Haven’t done this for a while and with a colleague we were having difficulties loading S8300 with system platform and expanding on a much earlier post S8300D CM6.x upgrade Windows 7 failure which has the avaya mentor video here are the steps along with what had to be done in this case to get it working finally.

While running ping -t and you are getting request timed out or no reply along with seeing general failure where it wont boot off DVD.

Open command prompt and run the commands in quotes.


“interface ipv4”

“show interface”

(need to determine the Idx number of th interface you are using generally be lableled Ethernet)

“show interface xx”

(xx being the Idx number identified above)

Look for dad transmits probably set to  = 3

“set interface xx dadtransmits=0”

“show interface xx”

dad transmits now should = 0 now reboot the gateway and try again.

If this still fails try the following:

Leave the Media Gateway powered on, pull out the S8300D server and reseat it, when you get ping responses to quickly telnet to and install the System Platform.

Audix Web Page Java Fail

I know most of these have gone now but there are still a few out there happily churning away.

If when you web browse to the Audix 10.x.x.x and go to messaging administration but the java bit fails then leave it open in that state. Open up putty in SUNT to the local CM system and then ssh username@10.x.x.x and enter the password and it will get you on the system

Ideally you would want to resolve the java / browser issue but in the scenario in which you don’t have administrative permissions to resolve it this will get you by.


Missed calls to Voicemail not in call log

Missed calls to voicemail not showing in call log on 9600 series handsets change the following on in the 46xxsettings.txt. You must then reboot the handset for it to take the new settings.

## LOGUNSEEN specifies whether incoming calls that did not cause alerting will be logged

## as missed calls (e.g., calls that are forwarded because the phone is busy).”

## Value Operation

## 0 Unseen calls will not be logged (default)

## 1 Unseen calls will be logged

## This parameter is supported by:

## 96×1 H.323 R6.0 and later software releases.

## 96×0 H.323 R3.0 and later software releases.


How to Reboot IQ

Reboot IQ server
1. Log on as root or a root-level user on the All Functions host. This host also serves as the Database host.
2. Enter:
service wdinit stop
This stops the application software.
3. Enter:
service dbora stop
This stops the database software.
4. Enter:
This reboots the host.
5. Log on as root or a root-level user on the All Functions host.
6. Enter:
sh /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin/ -v -w all status
7. Confirm that all processing elements and containers have started. You may have to wait a few minutes for all processing elements and containers to start

In case of single host directly reboot the server :
shutdown –r now


Or ?

In case of Dual hosts :
1. Login to Application host and stop the services
service wdinit stop
2. Login to DB host, shutdown the server
shutdown –r now
3. Once the DB server is back up, shutdown the application host
shutdown –r now

In case of Multiple hosts :
1. Stop the services(service wdinit stop)on all the hosts in following order :
a. RTD
b. Data Collection
c. Data Processing
d. Reporting UI
e. Admin host
f. DB host
2. Shutdown the DB server
shutdown –r now
3. Once the DB server is up, shutdown(shutdown –r now) the servers in following order :
a. RTD
b. Data Collection
c. Data Processing
d. Reporting UI
e. Admin host

Once you start the services, you can check the status using following script :
sh /opt/Avaya/CCR/bin/ -v -w all status

Status should show “STARTED” for all the containers.

You may have to wait a few minutes for all processing elements and containers to start.

Intuity Audix LX MT VOLT

Added because it is was a nightmare to find any documentation regarding the alarm or the solution on the Avaya support site.

Intuity LX version 2.0
MT VOLT 7 2 MAJ alarm on the sever but voice mail in service and taking calls. Power Supply was replaced but the alarm is still there which proves that the problem related to the motherboard or it’s voltage sensor.
Maintenance logs:
Problem Resource Msg Reporting Resource
Type Inst Location Typ Type Inst Source
7 ERR VOLT logsend.c 92
App: MT EventID:VOLT004 Date/Time Rec:10/18/11 00:02:01 Cnt: 1
Add to Voltage leaky bucket
7 ERR VOLT logsend.c 92
App: MT EventID:VOLT004 Date/Time Rec:10/18/11 00:05:01 Cnt: 1
Add to Voltage leaky bucket
Problem related to the motherboard and voltage sensor.
The whole chassis must be replaced. The Comcode of chassis is :700395874
Audix will be down during this procedure.

The Putty Tunnel


Using putty and chrome (or chrome alternative I tend to use Brave)  to tunnel across to web pages. (used to use firefox but it doesnt work anymore)

Download foxy proxy and add it to your browser

In putty on your cm connection go to SSH / Tunnels and enter a source port i.e 9080 and then click on Dynamic and save it your CM session.


Now open Chrome and right click on the foxy proxy icon image at the top of the browser and click options.

Click add new proxy

In the Host or IP Address enter in the Port enter your port number you entered in putty i.e 9080 and then click SOCKS proxy and ok


Now double click on your new entry


Give it a name i.e. Tunnel and change the colour so you can distinguish it, then click on the URL Patterns tab.


For each ip address pattern you want to connect to add a new URL pattern for example for 10.x.x.x addresses I enter 10.* for the name and *://10.*  then click ok. This will allow we to connect to anything in that range once I have a successful tunnel open to CM.


Now open putty and connect to your CM session and login. Leave the session open. In your Chrome brower right click on the foxy proxy icon and select your new tunnel proxy. Enter the address of the device you are trying to connect to and if it is working you should see the foxy proxy icon spin. image


IPSI Board

Been a while since I logged in to and IPSI board so just to remind myself.

From the shell command of you server

cm-server> ipsisession -c 3a (the ipsi board you want to connect to)
ssh service enabled.
Use this password for the ssh session: abc123abc (you will be allocated a password)

cm-server> ssh -l init (ip address of the ipsi board)

init@’s password: enter the password from above

You will get the following options press 1 for IP Administration

IPSI SSH Options:
Enter ‘1’ for IP Administration
Enter ‘2’ for VxWorks Shell

TN2312 IPSI IP Admin Utility
Copyright Avaya Inc, 2003, All Rights Reserved


Now login to the ipsi to review or change the settings as required;

[IPSI]: ipsilogin

Login: craft
Password: s******s

[IPSIADMIN] help ?
[IPSIADMIN] show ?

Displays list of available commands. If a command name
accompanies ‘help’, help for that command is printed.

[IPSIADMIN] show control interface
[IPSIADMIN] show control gateway
[IPSIADMIN] set control interface {IP_address} {mask}
[IPSIADMIN] set control gateway {gateway_address}
[IPSIADMIN] set control negotiation disable
[IPSIADMIN] set control speed 100MB
[IPSIADMIN] set control duplex full


Handsets Going In Discovery Mode

To stop handsets going into discover mode in the 46xxsettings.txt change;


And reboot your handsets

################################################## ##########
## ##
## H.323 SETTINGS ##
## Settings specific to telephones with H.323 software ##
## ##
################################################## ##########
## Unnamed Registration Status
## Specifies whether unnamed registration is initiated if
## a user fails to enter a value at the Extension prompt.
## Unnamed registration provides the telephone with
## TTI-level service, enabling a user, for example, to
## dial emergency services such as 911.

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