IP DECT – CM Trunk Down

Despite having worked previously one day IP DECT h.323 trunk shows down on DECT although up on CM. We tried changing sockets, making a new DECT master etc but all failed.

  • You can intially try to busy-out/release trunk and signaling group then reset the DECT Master.
  • If this fails build a new signalling and trunk group indentical to the orignal all be it with different socket numbers. Add it to  the DECT Master and reset.
  • If the new trunk shows in service and the old one is down then the signalling group has come disfunctional in some way delete the old one use the new one.

SOLN319474 has been added to Avaya knowledgebase


One X Attd reset weblm


You need to create a Users.xml file with the following content in it;


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”no”?>
<!DOCTYPE Users SYSTEM “user.dtd”>
<User id=”admin”>

  • Stop the Avaya One X Attendant weblm service.
  • Navigate to the following directory. (tomcat version maybe different)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Servers\WebLM\Tomcat8\webapps\WebLM\admin

  • Create a new folder and move the existing Users.xml file in that directory to the new folder.
  • Move your newly created Users.xml folder to that directory.
  • Start the Avaya One X Attendant weblm service.
  • Now browse to your weblm address and login with defaults.

CMS Time Notes

CMS affectively has two times start time which is the acd default time and start time +utc which is the timezone handled by TZ. (TZ updater is used to update timezone information)

The time zone is handled by the variable TZ. For global configuration edit the “/etc/default/init” file and alter the TZ line for example:

TZ=GMT if you want to set it to GMT.

To change date from CLI

date -s “30 october 2016 08:41”

to view from CLI


UID Numbers

  • display internal-data ext-map xxxx
  • display internal-data uid xxxx

(xxxx = extension / agent number)


CMS Symon Wallboard check feed

Checking the wallboard using rt socket as to provide the feed. From the CMS command line type;


It will ask you confirm the socket number usually the default 1 so click enter.

You will now see the feed to the wallboard

configuration is in the rta.conf file in the same directory.

ACR Windows Time Update

You need to download the latest tzupdater files to the server prior to carrying out the work;

tzdata2016g.tar.gz.sha512 / tzdata2016g.tar.gz / tzupdater-2_1_0.zip

Stop the cscm service first (Avaya Contact Recorder) from the Services

Extract the TZUpdater and copy the tzupdater.jar file into the Java directory in my case which in my case was located at E:Program Files>Avaya>ContactRecorder>jre>bin)Create a temporary directory

(e.g. under the E:Avaya>ContactRecorder>temp)

Place the tzdata2016g.tar.gz and tzdata2016g.sha512 file in your newly created temp directory.

Open a command prompt with Administrator privileges and navigate to the Java directory in my case E:Program Files>Avaya>ContactRecorder>jre>bin

Enter the following command

java -jar tzupdater.jar -l file:///E:\Progra~1\Avaya\ContactRecorder\temp\tzdata2016g.tar.gz -v

If it’s successfully you should see something along the lines of

Using file:///E:\Progra~1\Avaya\ContactRecorder\temp\tzdata2016g.tar.gz as source for tzdata bundle.
java.home: E:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\jre
java.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
java.version: 1.6.0_41
tzupdater version 2.1.0-b04
JRE tzdata version: tzdata2012i
Downloaded file to C:\Users\ADMINI~1.BAC\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tz.tmp\tzdata.tar.gz
tzupdater tool would update with tzdata version: tzdata2016g
Downloaded file to C:\Users\ADMINI~1.BAC\AppData\Local\Temp\2\tz.tmp\sha512hash
Extracting files… done.
Renaming E:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\jre\lib\zi to E:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\jre\lib\zi.tzdata2012i
Renaming E:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\jre\lib\zi.tzdata2016g to E:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\jre\lib\zi
Validating for : tzdata2016g
Validation complete
JRE updated to version : tzdata2016g

*** please note I had to physically start jave.exe on the last system I carried this out before I could run the command above ***

  1. Start the cscm service (Avaya Contact Recorder) from the Services

With this the Java time zones will be updated.


SCP (secure copy)

Secure Copy to copy files between servers especially when winscp is not available

scp /home/cust/file.tgz cust@

In summary;

scp (directory current server/file name) login@ip address: (directory you are copying too)

scp followed by the directory path of the file you wish to copy then file name space login @ ip address of server : directory of file you are copying too.