AVPP Wireless Admin Password Reset

Avaya Voice Priority Processor (AVPP) Server, procedure for recovering the password for logging into the AVPP.
1. Connect the terminal to the RS-232 port using a null-modem cable.
2. Powercycle the AVPP server.
3. When the login prompt appears, within 60 seconds, enter the login “maint” and press Enter.
4. When password prompt appears, leave blank and press Enter.
5. The prompt “slink>” appears.
6. At this point you can set the password to be anything you want, but since the default password is admin enter the following “passwordadmin” and press Enter.
7. When the slnk> prompt reappears, type “exit” and press Enter.
8. To verify that the password has been set login with “admin” and the password “admin”

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