XLN Translations

On the odd occasion you may need the xln translations. Both xln1 and xln2 are identical, at the command line, cd /etc/opt/defty, there you will see the xln file. /etc/opt/defty/xln1 /etc/opt/defty/xln2 Make a backup of current xln1 and xln2 files; cp /etc/opt/defty/xln1 /etc/opt/defty/xln1.bak cp /etc/opt/defty/xln2 /etc/opt/defty/xln2.bak Then copy the xln files to the /etc/opt/defty directory;… Continue reading XLN Translations

LogC Commands

dadmin@S8300> dhelp logc logv [OPTIONS]… [LOGS…] [-t TIME] [[-a]FILTERS]… logc [OPTIONS]… [LOGS…] [-t TIME] [[-a]FILTERS]… logw [OPTIONS]… [LOG] [[-a]FILTERS]… Merges and displays the various log files in the system. Logv edits (vi) the results, while logc sends (cats) them to the standard output. Logw watches the single specified logfile for changes applying the specified filters.… Continue reading LogC Commands

IPSI access via SSH

From the CM bash prompt: Disable any session to IPSI: ipsisession -d -c 01A Enable session to IPSI: ipsisession -c 01A Copy password that was created Access to your IPSI: ssh init@ipsi-a01a. respone to the “yes/no” question by typing “yes”. enter the password that was given to you You may have to hit enter to… Continue reading IPSI access via SSH