S8300D CM6.x upgrade Windows 7 failure

I was tasked with upgrading an S8300D from CM 5.2 to 6.2 after all the preparation work on rebooting the S8300D it failed to load of the DVD and I was unable to ping the S8300D. The software was known to be good and I followed the manual to the letter but we ended up aborting the upgrade.

A number of things have come to light since, first if you are using Windows 7 see the Avaya video attached regards IPV4 address duplication and secondly ensure you have an approved Avaya DVD device.

Avaya approved Panasonic Digistor 73082 or 73322 (Comcode: 700406267)


Far end alarm service is down

With CM 6 there is no modem remote access or alarm notification, Have seen an issue where the customer has no alarm service configured and regularly received the following platform alarm even the subsequent alarm which may have caused it had cleared. SME MAJ Far end alarm service is down this alarm. GAM WRN Alarm… Continue reading Far end alarm service is down