Coverage Path With Holiday Tables

To use holiday tables in coverage paths;

  • Apply Holiday Coverage to y on the inside / outside call as required.
  • In the first coverage point enter y and either the extension number, announcement number or vdn number of where you want it to go to.
  • You then move your 1st coverage point to point 2 and your 2nd coverage point to point 3 etc.

How does it work when the holiday table is active it reads coverage point 1, when not it ignores coverage point 1 and goes straight to coverage point 2 and so on and so.

Example of typical coverage path; So in this is an example of a typical coverage path the coverage points go to an extension 1234 then hunt group 99.

normal coverageExample of holiday coverage; so in this example both holiday coverage inside / outside call ticked, holiday table to the right appears enter the holiday table you want to use in this example it is 1. in your coverage points, Point 1 add y and your extension, announcement of vdn number in this case it is a vdn (notice you dont need the v), then move your original coverage point 1 which was extension 1234 to point 2, and point 2 which was hunt 99 to point 3 etc. (apologies there is a typo in the second screenshot I put h98 instead of h99)

holiday coverage


Displaying Coverage Path Users

If you want to see who is using what coverage paths then use the command below;

Display Coverage Sender-Group x (x being the coverage path you wish to display)


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