ACR Debug Logs

To turn the ACR debug logs on and off in ACR


http://10.x.x.x:8080/log?level=DEBUG (turns debug on)

http://10.x.x.x:8080/log?level=INFO (turns debug off)


Logs are located in:

D:\Program Files\Avaya\ContactRecorder\logs


Setting up an MST debug button

This example is to set up and MST button on a couple of stations for a PRI trunk.

Status MST

Clear MST

Change MST default

Stop Trigger – Y
Debug Button – Y
Analyser – Y

page 2
Port Type – d channel
Port – 1v416 (obviously you put your trunk d-channel in here)

page 13
selection – specific
extension – 4000

page 15
stop trigger – Message Type 23

Save your MST and then add Mst_debug buttons to each of the handsets you listed in page 13.

Enable MST.

When the button is pressed the MST will be stopped, collect your data then clear and manually enable the MST again if you need to get further data.

*** If you need to find out the UID of an extension ***

display internal uid ext 123456