Cabling G650 Media Gateways

To cable two G650 media gateways together;

1. If not already removed, remove the fan assemblies from media gateways A and B.

2. Remove the right TDM/LAN bus terminator from media gateway A, and install he bus terminator at the left end of the TDM/LAN bus on media gateway B. Make sure to install the TDM/LAN bus terminators with the arrow on the back pointing upward.

3. Loosen the nuts on the posts of the plate covering the bottom right TDM/LAN cable routing slot of media gateway B and remove the plate.

4. Remove the right slot cover on top of medi a gateway A and the lower-right slot cover of media gateway B to open the slots. 5. Pull open the EMI Gasket, and pass the TDM/ LAN bus cable through the routing slots in both media gateways. Push the free end of the EMI Gasket back in place. Make sure the open corner of the gasket faces the rear of the media gateway. Once installed, the top media gateway rests on and compresses the gasket.

6. Install the lower connector of the TDM/LAN bus cable on right end of TDM/LAN bus in media gateway A. ** Make sure the arrows on the back of the cable terminators point upward.**

7. Install the upper connector of the TDM/LAN bus cable on the right end of the TDM/LAN bus in media gateway B. ** Make sure the TDM/LAN bus cable is installed on the right hand side, connecting gateway A to B. It should be on the right hand side of both gateways. This is critical to ensure proper operation of the duplicated IPSI boards.**

8. Flip over the routing slot plates and reinstall both. Once the plates are reinstalled, the ends of the routing slots are covered.

9. If finished, reinstall the fan assemblies and tight en the 7 screws. All knurled screws must be tightened securely so that they cannot be loosened without the use of a tool.

** Information can be found in Installing the Avaya G650 Media Gateway Manual **