Utility Handset Server Logs

Generally you can view the fileserver Utility server webpage, and can download the log as a text file and use via Notepad etc. However you can also SSH to the Utility server via the ‘admin’ login, and run the following commands; tail –f /var/log/httpd/access_log (Shows last few lines of the handsets access the log and entries in realtime.) cat /var/log/httpd/access_log |… Continue reading Utility Handset Server Logs

LogC Commands

dadmin@S8300> dhelp logc logv [OPTIONS]… [LOGS…] [-t TIME] [[-a]FILTERS]… logc [OPTIONS]… [LOGS…] [-t TIME] [[-a]FILTERS]… logw [OPTIONS]… [LOG] [[-a]FILTERS]… Merges and displays the various log files in the system. Logv edits (vi) the results, while logc sends (cats) them to the standard output. Logw watches the single specified logfile for changes applying the specified filters.… Continue reading LogC Commands