Audix Web Page Java Fail

I know most of these have gone now but there are still a few out there happily churning away.

If when you web browse to the Audix 10.x.x.x and go to messaging administration but the java bit fails then leave it open in that state. Open up putty in SUNT to the local CM system and then ssh username@10.x.x.x and enter the password and it will get you on the system

Ideally you would want to resolve the java / browser issue but in the scenario in which you don’t have administrative permissions to resolve it this will get you by.



Intuity Audix LX MT VOLT

Added because it is was a nightmare to find any documentation regarding the alarm or the solution on the Avaya support site.

Intuity LX version 2.0
MT VOLT 7 2 MAJ alarm on the sever but voice mail in service and taking calls. Power Supply was replaced but the alarm is still there which proves that the problem related to the motherboard or it’s voltage sensor.
Maintenance logs:
Problem Resource Msg Reporting Resource
Type Inst Location Typ Type Inst Source
7 ERR VOLT logsend.c 92
App: MT EventID:VOLT004 Date/Time Rec:10/18/11 00:02:01 Cnt: 1
Add to Voltage leaky bucket
7 ERR VOLT logsend.c 92
App: MT EventID:VOLT004 Date/Time Rec:10/18/11 00:05:01 Cnt: 1
Add to Voltage leaky bucket
Problem related to the motherboard and voltage sensor.
The whole chassis must be replaced. The Comcode of chassis is :700395874
Audix will be down during this procedure.

Audix LX/MSS Rebuilding Poet Database

This is originally for MSS but works on Audix LX as well, you will require the TSC password (for MM3.0 + su sroot).

stop_vs 0,
cd /vm/audix/sd/mail
rm -rf mb dr node xmq
cd ../sdata
rm -rf extr
repair_poet_databases -r -v
su – vexvm
audit -i2 -a rebuild -T trace 2>&1
cd /ldap/home/ol/bin

Now start_vs or reboot the system.

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