Alternative Putty Tunnel

Following on from my post The Putty Tunnel If you need to create an ssh tunnel on a browser that doesn’t have foxy proxy installed then here is an alternative way to do it. I favour Firefox but it should work similarly on less favourable browsers 🙂

Putty / Tutty

  • Create an ssh session to CM
  • select SSH / Tunnel
  • In source port put a number i.e. 9080 click dynamci and add.
  • Click Session and save to you CM connection
  • Open and login to CM once at the command line leave it open.

Firefox Browser

  • goto options / advance / network tab /settings
  • change from no proxy to manual proxy
  • add and your port you created earlier i.e 9080 then click ok

** Remember ot go back in the options / advanced / network / settings and click no proxy and ok to disable it again for normal browsing when finished. **

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