How to Reboot IQ

Reboot IQ server 1. Log on as root or a root-level user on the All Functions host. This host also serves as the Database host. 2. Enter: service wdinit stop This stops the application software. 3. Enter: service dbora stop This stops the database software. 4. Enter: reboot This reboots the host. 5. Log on… Continue reading How to Reboot IQ

CMS Power Down & Reboot

On the CLI at ROOT Shutdown CMS /usr/bin/shutdown -y -g0 -i0 Reboot CMS /usr/bin/shutdown -y -g0 -i6 Power Up CMS Push the button and wait. Once the CMS is up from the CLI tail /cms/pbx/acd1/spi.err You will see a number of messages PUMP-UP but you are waiting for the DATAX with the number of calls… Continue reading CMS Power Down & Reboot