System Platform Password Attempts Reset

System Platform may not need it’s password reset or you have reset it but still access then try this; Run the following command pam_tally –user admin –reset Run the command “ssh cdom.vsp” Run the command : pam_tally –user admin –reset Type “exit” which returns to Dom0 Run the following commands : service ldap restart service… Continue reading System Platform Password Attempts Reset

Reset the System Platform (cdom) Password

This is a great bit of work from a good friend and colleague of mine on how to reset the System Platform (cdom admin password) there is an issue with it in releases prior to but the fix didn’t work on this occasion so we reset the password manually. [root@company-dom0-2 ~]# grep ^rootdn /etc/openldap/slapd.conf… Continue reading Reset the System Platform (cdom) Password

IPSI Sanity Errors Gotcha

Had bit of a gotcha moment which caught me out and took a little longer than I would have liked to resolve. The customer was experiencing the whole port network reset but from the logs we were seeing sanity errors, they investigated the network and found nothing. I replaced the IPSI board, cable and adapter… Continue reading IPSI Sanity Errors Gotcha

Reset Weblm Password

Reset weblm password on AES, Create staging area and extract original .war file: mkdir /tmp/WebLMwar cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM.war /tmp/WebLMwar/ cd /tmp/WebLMwar/ jar xvf WebLM.war Verify and backup old User.xml cat /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml /tmp/WebLMwar/Users.xml.bkup cp /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml.bkup verify new file: cat admin/Users.xml Overwrite, verify, and change permission old/new file: cp admin/Users.xml /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml cat /usr/share/tomcat-5.5.9/webapps/WebLM/admin/Users.xml chmod 666… Continue reading Reset Weblm Password

System Manager Resetting The Password

Log in via putty to system managerĀ using admin/admin (default) [admin@SMGR-01 account]# su – root enter the root password (default root/root01) [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groupadd -g 600 securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# usermod -aG securityadmin admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# In your web browser enter the… Continue reading System Manager Resetting The Password