CMS Supervisor Error 429

Resolving CMS Supervisor Error 429 issue.

Error 429 typically occurs when code tries to instantiate an object. This error can be caused in many ways. The following list includes some of the most common scenarios that could cause this error:

  • License information for a particular component is not present.
  • A component is missing or is not registered.
  • A DCOM issue exists.
  • A Packaging and Deployment Wizard (PDW) issue exists.

1. Clear the log under CMS directory
2. User ID has insufficient right to access the directory
3. Goto Services->Telephone, set it to automatic

Another solution but not tested
1. create on your desktop a text file “test.txt”
2. Rename it to “test.avsup”
3. if Avaya supervisor is installed properly, you can double-click on this file and CMS with prompt you to enter your credentials.


From the CentreVu “readme” file:

If an “Error 48” or “Error 429” message is displayed the first time you
run Avaya CMS Supervisor, or if a component fails to start, it may be a
result of some elements not being properly entered into the Windows
registry. To fix this problem, complete the following steps:

1) Navigate to the CMS Supervisor installation directory.
(by default,the installation directory is C:\Program Files\Avaya\CMS Supervisor R16)

2) Run the RegistryDefaults.bat file.

CentreVu/Supervisor/CentreVu Supervisor/CMS Supervisor, all same thing.