XLN Translations

On the odd occasion you may need the xln translations.

Both xln1 and xln2 are identical, at the command line, cd /etc/opt/defty, there you will see the xln file.

Make a backup of current xln1 and xln2 files;
cp /etc/opt/defty/xln1 /etc/opt/defty/xln1.bak
cp /etc/opt/defty/xln2 /etc/opt/defty/xln2.bak

Then copy the xln files to the /etc/opt/defty directory;
cp xln1 /etc/opt/defty/xln1
cp /etc/opt/defty/xln1 /etc/opt/defty/xln2

Perform a reset system 4 and the CM will load the translations.

Note: If your xln files have come from a backup you will need extract the file first “tar –xvf xln_filename_000000_20141111.tar.gz”

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