8 thoughts on “One X Agent Applicaton Login”

  1. Avaya Aux failed issue?

    remove the old configuration file from c drive and login again. It will fix.


  2. Ive done all that, for some reason when I get connected, it just tells me ‘Registered’ instead of showing my status. Other coworker tried his info on my computer, same issue. My info on his computer, got me connected fine. Some reason, just shows ‘REGISTERED’ on my machine. Agent 2.5 sp2


    1. Registered just means that One-X Agent has registered/connected to the station ID. You can technically make calls this way. However, you are missing a step where you log an agent ID into the station ID.

      To fix this:

      Open up One-X Agent
      Click Change Login Settings
      Click the Agent Tab at the top
      Check the box ‘Enable ACD Login’
      Enter the Agent ID in the Agent field
      If there is a password for the agent ID enter that in the password field
      Click Save Settings and Login.

      Now when you login it’ll register the station then pop up with another box that lets you click Login with the agent ID automatically populated.


      1. I apologize I did not repsond sooner. I was able to determine what was causing it to stick at Registered and not let me all the way in. Spark point emulator was set to Block for public networks), For some reason my work vpn is listed as a Public network. Once I told the spark emulator program to allow through public networks, everything worked fine and Have not had any issues. (Except for queue lights not blinking when there is a queue and hotline calls forcing me into after-call, but I am sure that is on our server side and I am having our guys look into it. Thank you for all the help 🙂


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