CMS Time Notes

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CMS affectively has two times start time which is the acd default time and start time +utc which is the timezone handled by TZ. (TZ updater is used to update timezone information)

The time zone is handled by the variable TZ. For global configuration edit the “/etc/default/init” file and alter the TZ line for example:

TZ=GMT if you want to set it to GMT.

To change date from CLI

date -s “30 october 2016 08:41”

to view from CLI



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  1. Grizzlys

    Is a singular CMS with a singular ACD being used by multiple users worldwide as you cannot offset the time other than when running reports as far as I am aware.


    • waheed

      Thanks for reply, do you know if this has change on Version R18 as i’m sure i’m not the only person that has this problem?


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      • Grizzlys

        Dont think so I am far from a CMS expert but from what I know in cms supervisor when you change the timezone to run your reports it should remain at that timezone when you run it again. It is a query I have come across before but without a separate cm and to an additional ACD for a new timezone don’t think it is possible.


  2. Waheed


    i really need help on this and hopefully you can help. We our main CMS server in the U.K. and local CMS servers around the world. When we have a summer time change the CMS servers in other countries don’t follow the dtc on the avaya is there a way of setting this up to use CM? We have CMS r17 and cm6.3


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