System Platform Password Attempts Reset

System Platform may not need it’s password reset or you have reset it but still access then try this; Run the following command pam_tally –user admin –reset Run the command “ssh cdom.vsp” Run the command : pam_tally –user admin –reset Type “exit” which returns to Dom0 Run the following commands : service ldap restart service… Continue reading System Platform Password Attempts Reset

Reset the System Platform (cdom) Password

This is a great bit of work from a good friend and colleague of mine on how to reset the System Platform (cdom admin password) there is an issue with it in releases prior to but the fix didn’t work on this occasion so we reset the password manually. [root@company-dom0-2 ~]# grep ^rootdn /etc/openldap/slapd.conf… Continue reading Reset the System Platform (cdom) Password

Media Gateway Password Reset

Using a console cable in to the front of the gateway via terminal emulator; login as root using password ggdaseuaimhrke Now to change the password type username root password ******* access-type admin (****** being your new password) Exit and try login in with your new password. Update Supplied by John Waber First, this “super secret”… Continue reading Media Gateway Password Reset

System Manager Resetting The Password

Log in via putty to system manager using admin/admin (default) [admin@SMGR-01 account]# su – root enter the root password (default root/root01) [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groupadd -g 600 securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# usermod -aG securityadmin admin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# groups admin admin : admin securityadmin [root@SMGR-01 ~]# In your web browser enter the… Continue reading System Manager Resetting The Password

Softconsole Configuration Manager Password Reset

If you have forgotten the password on the Avaya Softconsole Configuration Manager; Click on the Start Button, then Run. In the Run dialog box type “regedit” and hit Enter. Open Registry Editor and browse to HKLM\Software\Avaya\eConsole\Operations\admin and clear the value of Password key. Configuration Manager will open with a blank password. Enter a new password… Continue reading Softconsole Configuration Manager Password Reset

CMS Reset User Passwords

From the CMS Main Menu, highlight the Commands (F3). CMS displays the Commands menu. 2. Select UNIX (r) system. The screen clears and a $ prompt is displayed. 3. Enter the following command: su 4. At the Password: prompt, enter the root password. The # prompt is displayed. 5. Enter the following command: passwd <userid>… Continue reading CMS Reset User Passwords

AVPP Wireless Admin Password Reset

Avaya Voice Priority Processor (AVPP) Server, procedure for recovering the password for logging into the AVPP. 1. Connect the terminal to the RS-232 port using a null-modem cable. 2. Powercycle the AVPP server. 3. When the login prompt appears, within 60 seconds, enter the login “maint” and press Enter. 4. When password prompt appears, leave… Continue reading AVPP Wireless Admin Password Reset