System & Session Manager 6.1 Certificates

If your 6.1 System Manager has been running for nearly 2 years and you can no longer log into System Manager and you get a strange message which looks something like this after you login pages/Welcome.xhtml  @70/67 value=”” ……  or possibly all your SIP endpoints/trunks have died then your certificates may have run out they have to be… Continue reading System & Session Manager 6.1 Certificates

Session Manager Troubleshooting

*** Remember on SM  & SMGR prior to 6.3 it could be the certificates expired *** System Manager (SMGR) it would not replicate with Session Manager (SM) and was showing an error dispite tring to repair. You can review the DRS logs at cd /var/log/Avaya/mgmt/drs Try initDRS this usually resolves the issue most of the… Continue reading Session Manager Troubleshooting